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This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

Disclaimer: I would never actually feed my children broken glass.
My city newspaper has a group of mom bloggers and I follow them on Facebook. They post a lot of useful information about family-friendly local gatherings and parenting-related helpful tips. Sometimes they’ll ask a random question and the responses exemplify a side of Facebook that makes me queasy. Some moms just seem to be bragging and it feels competitive. Sometimes I wonder how honest these answers really are. Check out the responses to a question posted last week, “What’s for dinner?”


What?! You’re cooking Copper River Salmon, asparagus, and quinoa, too!?! What a coincidence.


Preparing a healthy meal AND she’s passed the one-year breastfeeding mark, Did you catch that? A++


Suck it.

Oops! There I am, in green, amusing myself. This is why I can’t have nice things. Do other moms’ cheery/over-achieving Facebook posts ever make you gag a little?


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