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Sun of a B!+ch

Act NaturalSimone Meditates

My lady posse and I have been living it up this summer.  We’re enjoying the laid back schedule and all the lush greenery that the cool, wet Nebraska weather has gifted us this season.  We are so lucky to have time together to explore our gorgeous natural surroundings.  I’ve even done well remembering to water my flowerpots.

Girls Girls GirlsHydrangeas

FlowerpotMom Time

Dad's Shoulders


A late morning thunderstorm on Monday wreaked havoc on my neighbor’s tree and many others in our old neighborhood.  Simone and I watched from the window as white waves of heavy rain came washing up our backyard toward the house.  My family took a long tour of the carnage last night.  Midtown is always filled with fallen trees after a good storm.

Broken TreeBreak

Fall on Emilie

And another one bites the dust… my friend asked if Godzilla had visited our ‘hood.

It’s already almost July.  I hope we can keep the momentum going because it’s been a spectacular summer break so far.  After such a long, desolate winter the sun feels so great on my skin.  I am starting to feel like myself again.

The kids are even keeping up with their studies.   Layla’s summer project is inspired by TLC’s “Extreme Couponers.”  She’s begun collecting the neighbors’ unused “Bags o’ Savings,” sorting them, stapling, and cutting.  This kid has moxie!  Couponer


    They’re practicing piano, reading…

Summer Reading Club

And creative writing!

Sun of a Bitch

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