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Oops! I Did It Again

Oopsie baby.  Picture by Peter O'Toole

Oopsie baby. Picture by Peter O’Toole

You guys are making me blush!  Don’t quit!  Last Sunday I received blogging awards from three of my fellow mom bloggers.  I love awards, the more the better (that’s what I always say when I am raking in awards).  Plus Sunday just happened to be my thirty-first birthday so the recognition from my peers was an awesome birthday surprise.  Tia at LIFE: Everyone Has One! nominated me for a Liebster Award.  I also collected two Bouquet of 3 Awards; one from Mummy Flying Solo and one from Miss Fanny P.  Thank you ladies very much, color me honored.

To claim these awards I have to divulge some things about myself.  But not just any things.  Interesting things.  Here goes nothing:

1.  Warren Buffett lives in my ‘hood.  Less than a mile away.

2.  Contrary Mom is on Facebook.  Please like me.  Every time you don’t like me on Facebook it makes me cry.

3.  My daughter Piper was going to be named, “Violet,” but a few months before she was born, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their child Violet.  I didn’t want a name that would get Bouquet of 3really popular, so we switched to Piper.  Then, two weeks to the day after Piper was born, a nursery rhyme “Peter Piper” was published.  Ruined my fucking day.

4.  I don’t just love to talk about body hair.  I’m a full blown trichotillomaniac.  It’s meditative for me to sit there and pull my leg hairs out with my bare fingers.

5.  I realize these facts are getting weird, but when you get awards as often as I do, you start running out liebster-award[1]of basic stuff and it starts getting real.  *Brush my shoulders off*

6.  Right now I am reading “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood for the first time.

7.  I fantasize about picking my daughters up from school in a mini-yacht that’s hitched up to my husband’s beat-up Chevy S-10 a la “I’m Different” by 2 Chainz.
And now a list of seven of my favorite blogs, check them ouuuuut:

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Mummy Flying Solo

LIFE: Everyone Has One!

Mainely Sane

Jessica Slavin

Memoirs of a Mom Who Ticks

The Gratitudenist


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