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Mark Ryden is a Creep… In a Good Way

markrydenthebirth   Mark Ryden Corky Ascending to the Heavens 

The Birth and Corky Ascending to the Heavens by Mark Ryden; Black Cat by Yoshitomo Nara

I have loved the creepy artwork of Yoshitomo Nara since I was a teenager and my older sisters started to collect prints of his paintings.  He paints nightmarish little girls sometimes smoking cigarettes, sometimes holding bloody knives, never boring.  The murderous expressions on the faces of the posing girls reminds me of my daughters when they’re being forced to have their picture taken.

Loving Yoshitomo Nara prepared me for Mark Ryden.  Ryden’s artwork is so interesting.  I adore the femininity the soft pastels lend to his edgy content.  Again, creepy comes to mind.  I love creepy.  The Meat Maji is so sweet and reminiscent of my childhood–the ice cream truck vibe, peppermint swirl tires, the face on the truck reminds me of my old Fischer Price pull-along chatty phone.  I wish I could lean into the painting and take a whiff of that delicious, pink Meat Truck exhaust.  Yum!


The Meat Maji and The Bunny Butcher by Mark Ryden

Eye of Eternity Mark Ryden

Eye of Eternity by Mark Ryden


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