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Contrary Mom’s Favorite Things #sayitlikeoprah Part II

Oprahs Faves

It just is.

I would be a Buddhist if I wasn’t so darn materialistic sometimes. My mom bought Chris and me a chest freezer for Christmas one year and I was excessively overjoyed. That day I told my mom, with tears in my eyes, that the extra cold storage “completed me.” I can’t help it, stuff is wonderful.  I’m not paid by any of the companies that make these products (and I’m pretty chafed about that) but I’m going to gush about them anyway.

Moss Quartz ring by Goldsmith Silversmith, Omaha

Ring by Goldsmith Silversmith, Omaha

My husband has attempted to buy me jewelry several times throughout our relationship but there was one time that he hit it out of the park.  It was for my 24th birthday, he bought me this Quartz ring from Goldsmith Silversmith in the Old Market, Omaha.  It’s chunky, unique, and I love the transparent green color and moss-looking flecks.  It’s a heavy ring which could totally double as a weapon in a fight.  It’s one of my favorite things!

I love my wallet. I love it but I get sad sometimes because I know it will get worn out eventually and I’ll have to stop carrying it.  The wallet gets compliments everywhere we go.

Wallet by Dumpling Dynasty

Wallet by Dumpling Dynasty

I saw a Dumpling Dynasty tote bag at one of my favorite stores, the Afternoon. I didn’t buy the tote but when I got home I googled “Dumpling Dynasty.”

I found the website which is packed with Dumpling Dynasty products.  Sorry, this adorable Dumpling Dynasty wallet with a hot pink lining is sold out everywhere I look.  But if you click on the wallet, you’ll be whisked away to, where you can push a button to “envy” the wallet, whatever that means.  Either way, go to Wu and Wu and check out the other fun Dumpling Dynasty products.

As for skin care, many of my favorite products are by Philosophy.  I love their Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, the Microdelivery pads and Philosophy’s moisturizer is the best.  Though its name does make me sound desperate–it’s called “Hope in a Jar.”   It makes my skin glow but I’m not looking for a miracle.  Oh!  If I was looking for a miracle, Philosophy does carry Miracle Worker, a “miraculous” selection of anti-aging skin products.  If my moisturizer ever seems lacking I could also add the “When Hope Is Not Enough” serum to my beauty regimen.  Oh geez.  Dramatic names aside, I’m not ruling those products out because so far so good from Philosophy.

FT Hope in a JarFT Miracle WorkerFT Hope Not Enough

In my childrens’ closets right now a few of my favorite things are two cool kids tees by Worn Free which I ordered from  One is a replica of the iconic “Working Class Hero” tee that John Lennon once wore.  The other features a Daniel Johnston drawing (and if you’re a star-fucker like me, you’ll like to know that Kurt Cobain made this shirt “famous” by wearing it to the MTV VMAs in 1992).  Of course my kids don’t appreciate how hip these shirts are and I have to beg and bargain to get them to wear them.

FT Cool Kids Tees

FT Kurt DanJ Shirt

Simone, 1 Year Old, Future Oprah, Topknot fan

Simone, 1 Year Old, Future Oprah, Topknot fan

Now I’m going to let Simone take the mic and share a few of her favorite things for a change.

Pop Up School Bus by the Original Toy CompanySimone has been playing with this Pop-up School Bus by Original Toy Company non-stop since last Christmas.  I ordered it from Amazon and when it arrived I unpacked and tested it.  To my surprise, the toy was even more fun than I knew it would be.  The pegs really popped out!  Even though the springiness has worn down slightly and it doesn’t surprise Simone anymore, she still loves to push the bus around or use the little “boys” as we call them as lipstick or crayons (beware they do “write” on the walls).

We all get a big kick out of this chicken alarm clock from the FT2 Chicken Alarm Clock’90s.  I had one when I was a kid but that one is long gone now.  My nieces broke my original clock and I’d always resented them for it (I’m mostly kidding about resenting them).  For Christmas 2011 my mom went to a lot of trouble to buy me a replacement clock on ebay.  It sings “Wow, yeah, hey baby, wake-up, come and dance with me.  Wow, yeah…” over and over until you turn it off.  It’s obnoxious and I really, really love it.  I’m glad Simone has chosen it as one of her favorite things, too.

And Simone saved the best for last.  She considers this Woodland Animal Scene one of her very favorite things.  It was a gift from her aunt for her first birthday.  It has a sensor so unless you stand really still, the animals stay hidden.  If you can get everyone in the room to freeze for long enough a deer, bunny and other woodland creatures slowly creep into the picture.  Careful though, as soon as you move they scatter.  It’s not mere decoration, though it looks great above her dresser, it’s provided us hours of entertainment.

FT2 Peekaboo Animals1

Made by Kikkerland

FT2 Peekaboo Animals2


4 thoughts on “Contrary Mom’s Favorite Things #sayitlikeoprah Part II

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  2. Wow, your quartz ring is fabulous! Yes, I love “stuff” too but I notice that if i stay away from the mall I don’t go insane thinking about all the must-haves in store windows. Thank you for reading my blog! Btw, my new favorite thing is this Boot’s facial mask I got at Target. Makes my skin super-soft.

    • I agree! I don’t shop unless I “need” something and I think that helps. But I can always find an excuse to go to Target. I will have to look for the facial mask, thanks for the tip : )

  3. I have a cute wallet with an awesome design on it and I must say it is one of my fav things too. I got mine at the markets direct from the dude who made it. He handcarves the design into a piece of hide and then paints it and he never does the same one twice. So cool!!!

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