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Just Carrying the World on My Shoulders


Today I discovered the entrancing work of Photographer Grace Weston.  This image of Mommy vacuuming while simultaneously balancing the entire world on her back really resonates with me–I have shag carpet and love to have pussy on TV while I work.  Watch out, Mommy, your foot’s tangled in the chord!


I love this picture of baby about to sweep Mom and Dad into the palm of her hand.  I googled “creepy” and this image came up, facilitating my introduction to Grace Weston.  Maybe I’m desensitized to creepy, but this isn’t creepy to me.  It’s parenthood in a photo, and it’s cute!


And speaking of cute, is someone being terrorized by visions of flying monkeys à la Wizard of Oz?  Talk about adorable!

 Oh my gawd, how did this picture get in here?!  Not that I laughed out loud when I saw it or anything, but I guess this is a creative way to kill your husband.  That’s right, Dad, just enjoy your morning paper.  Let Mom vacuum and carry the world on her shoulders.  She doesn’t mind!

The photo below reminds me of Bukowski’s “Bluebird” poem.  It’s so nice to find a new artist to love!  Check out more of Grace Weston’s artwork at


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