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What a Doll!

Doll HairBack in the day, when I only had two daughters and they were both under the age of five, life was a lot more calm.  The house was quieter, laundry was often folded and neatly placed in the drawer it belonged in rather than languishing, all rumpled up, in a laundry basket, and we took great care with all of the kids’ toys.  That’s why it bothered me that one of Layla’s first baby dolls had been defiled.  Piper had gotten ahold of a pen and scribbled a few messy lines in the doll’s hairline.  It looked awful.

Rather than throw the doll away, I did what any mom would do.  I found a Sharpie and fixed the doll right up.  I gave her a fancy, curly hairdo with eyebrows to match.  She looked beautiful, which I emphasized with a beauty mark.  I was very pleased with my work.

I was pleased until imitations of the hairstyle started to crop up on the other dolls… I should have known better, but of course I’d inspired my girls to copycat the fabulous hairstyle onto their other dolls.  I was irritated at first, but upon further inspection I had to admit that the girls did a pretty good job.

Doll Hair2


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