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Sew Let It Be Written

Cater to a HaterI promised everyone I would have a tagline by August 9th and (imagine me saying this like Oprah) here it is!!

I was touched and pleasantly surprised by how many people responded to my dramatic plea for help in “Help Me! Please Help Me!”  My blog used to lack a tagline and every time I tried to think of one, I drew a blank.  Then my awesome readers swooped in and made some very clever suggestions.  It was really hard to choose just one.  In the end, though, my little sister  (Mrs. Jesus Meatball) made the choice seem obvious.  Here, read for yourself.  This is how it went down:

Belsbror  Just a suggestion. “Sew me through!”                        

Miss Fanny P.  Sewing seeds of thought, wisdom and … (well whatever it is you want to sow…or sew).

Tia  Sew let it be written…and sew on and sew forth!

Shannon Baker  How about “Another Mother’s Druthers” or “Kicking Mother Goose’s Ass one Cockleshell at Time” or “Rocking silver bells & cockleshells all over the Heartland.” or “What the Hell is a Cockleshell” – okay now I’m obsessed with cockleshells (and Gross Point Blank)!

Jessica Slavin  “Well, you can’t keep having abortions forever”  “Disclaimer: I don’t actually feed my children broken glass.”  Two of my favorite lines here well, of the funny ones.  Or “Warren Buffet’s much cooler neighbor lady”

Contrary Mom  LOL I told my husband I was thinking of taglining my page “Because you can’t keep having abortions forever…” and he thought it was too edgy. Is there such a thing? : )

Jessica Slavin  I was raised by wolves (well, hippies in the 70s, same thing) so I am not the person to ask. But you can be sure that the people who DID laugh out loud at it would be pretty awesome.

Contrary Mom  Yeah, never cater to a hater ; ) that’s what I always say.

Mrs. Jesus Meatball  I say go with ‘Never Cater to a Hater’. Seems like the obvious choice

What do you think of my new tagline?  Does it suit me?  Thanks so much to all who contributed!  I love my readers!


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