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Multitask or Die


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Hello again dear followers… followers…. followers!  It’s time for the first in a series.  Don’t you love firsts in a series?  Sure, they’re a little more shaky than the fourth or fifth in a series, not quite as polished.  But the anticipation is electric!  You can definitely feel that electric quality in my video:  Multitask or Die. Today I’m answering questions from Jessica Slavin at Like an Apple.  She was curious about my musical tastes and I hope I was able to answer her questions completely.  In the interest of keeping the conversation two-sided, I’ve asked Jessica a few questions, too.

Please keep your questions coming.  Submit your own burning queries to me at

I will respond to every submission!  Thanks so much for your support, Jessica!  Happy Hump Day, one and all!


8 thoughts on “Multitask or Die

    • Thank you! I am so low-tech. I used my computer’s web cam app and uploaded the video to my Youtube channel (you have to create an account for that). Youtube will give you a link to post to your blog. It was pretty easy. I am looking forward to it, Jessica! : )

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