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The Artist in Me

Creativity QuotePainterI love painting with my children.  Why don’t I ever get the paints out when I’m alone?  I have always loved to paint.  When I was a kid my mom bought me a special art desk for my birthday and I painted and drew at it all the time.

Now that I’m a mom I spend way less time creating art and more time creating life.  I create chore charts and birthday parties.  I create school lunches and opportunities for learning.  But I hate that shit.  Maybe hate’s a strong word because I love being a mother.  But I don’t want motherhood to be my sole creative outlet.

Blogging has reintroduced me to the artist in myself.  And I love her.  I need to create more.  Tonight after the kids go to bed I’m getting out the big canvas I’ve been saving and I’m starting a masterpiece.


7 thoughts on “The Artist in Me

  1. Yay for you!!! I have to make myself step back a lot and just calm down, and let kids be dirty, messy, playful kids. One of my girls wants to paint all the time and I balk sometimes and think yuck, what a mess for ME to contend with. Shame on me!

    • No shame in it! I know how you feel.. PlayDoh is the one that I always dread–having to clean all of that goop out of toys with the little crevices and it inevitably gets stomped into the rug. I let them do it when the house is already a mess. You just do the things that you are comfortable with and enjoy. Water play is great and all you have to do is dry things up afterward. You could try water with a tiny bit of food coloring and some eye-droppers, too. Not nearly as messy as paint : )

      • What I need is to be less if a stick in the mud :). I love your posts. So many of the mom bloggers I follow are a good inspiration to me of the kind of mom I wish that I was instead of the frumpy, uptight stress bag that I am. Good to have goals!

  2. We are in the process of cleaning out the basement for a reno and I just went through my old canvases to ditch the garbage. Now, my easel and paints are sitting in the hall waiting to be brought to the storage place. It makes me so sad not to have used them for so long. I have recently managed to do some drawing but it must be over 4 years since I painted – and then it was pictures for the kids’ rooms!

    I’m so excited for you. Please dive in and keep us updated!

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