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Weekend Photo Challenge: Outfits

Today I’m linking-up with Kukolina for her Weekend Photo Challenge and the challenge is, drumroll please, Outfits.  Right now it’s me and Simone hanging out, so here’s a webcam shot of my Outfit of the Day.


Hot Pink Babe

Hot Pink Babe

Today I’m wearing a navy blue cardigan with embroidered floral embellishment from Old Navy with a comfy pair of Hudson jeans.  Simone’s outfit is much more exciting, hot pink animal print sweater with dark skinny jeans and damn, can that girl accessorize!  I love her purse.

So… speaking of outfits, I think you’ll enjoy this one.  Yesterday I went costume shopping with my friends Lion Tamerand ended up trying on this fantastic lion tamer jumpsuit.  It was hard not to buy it, but my final purchase was a sparkly, velvety, blue dress and some hot pink tights.  All day I’ve been clunking around the house in some adorable, borrowed, six-inch Seychelles heels.  I’m determined to learn how to walk in them but Piper says it sounds like there’s a rhino in the house.  Tonight I’m attending a David Bowie Costume Party with friends.  I am so excited to get all dressed up!  More pictures are probably to come : )  Thanks Kukolina for hosting the Weekend Photo Challenge!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge: Outfits

  1. I don’t owe or wear cardigans without a collar. It is my THING. HAHA But I really like your cardigan because it looks like a strechy V-neck. I really fancy V-necks. And you have a little flower on it… nice touch! I like it! I like it a lot. Of course collars or no collars I could not resist a pink animal print sweater as the one Simone is wearing…
    Have fun at the Bowie party!

    xoxo, Eszter

  2. Yes! I agree with Jessica. Where are all of the Bowie Party costume photos? I’ve been dying to see how you did yourself up, sister. I still think we aught to go back and get you that awesome Lion Tamer outfit too! Just think of the possibilities…

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